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A Guide to Singaporean Food

Often defined as a national pastime, eating out is an important cultural experience in Singapore. Due to its multicultural population, Singapore is a haven to varieties of cuisines. This country is obsessed with food. You can enjoy different types of food including Thai, Malay, Chinese, and Indian dishes. While holidaying in Singapore if you plan to enjoy Indian cuisine, you will get plenty of options but in such a scenario you will be doing a disservice to yourself. Here is what you can enjoy eating when in Singapore.

Chinese Winese

If you are new to Chinese cuisine, Singapore is an excellent place to visit and if you have already become a fan, you will make your way to these most popular Chinese diners. Located in the Food Centre at 16 Bedok South Road, Hill Street Char Kway Teow serves the best Kway Teow, a famous noodle dish and a wide range of authentic Chinese fried noodles, enjoyed with Lap Cheong, i.e. Chinese sausages. Chilli crab is another popular Singaporean dish which you will get in many restaurants, the most popular being Jumbo Restaurant located at East Coast Road.

Flavours of Southeast Asia

Tropical ingredients like chillies, ginger, coconut, turmeric, all produce a rich flavour to the Southeast Asian cuisine. Accompanied by the best seafood like fish, crabs, etc and rice, you can enjoy varieties of Malay, Indonesian, and Thai food in Singapore. Gado Gado, i.e. assorted veggies with peanut sauce, satay, and chicken rice are a few dishes that you must not miss to try when in Singapore. All these dishes go well with The Tarik (pulled tea), the signature drink of Singapore.

Flavours Of South East Asia

Plenty of options for vegetarian

If you are a vegetarian who has gone to Singapore then, Kadai paneer, idli sambhar are not the only options for you. Unlike other countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore has plenty of vegetarian restaurants. Original Sin at 62 Jalan Merah Saga is a vegetarian restaurant that specializes in various kinds of Mediterranean cuisine. If you want to be experimental you must try some unique Chinese vegetarian preparations available at Ling Zhi restaurant located on Orchard Road. Other famous hangouts, especially for the vegetarians, include Caffe Pralet and Vegetarian Villas.

Street food in Singapore

Street Food

Singaporean street food is the best. Ahh… once you taste the egg noodles, also known as Fried Hokkien Mee and dumpling, it’s for sure that you will never forget the taste in life. The street foods available here are fresh, cheap, nutritious, and hygienic. Skip shopping and sightseeing for one day and go to Maxwell Road Hawker Centre in Chinatown where more than 100 stalls sell street food and quick bites from across the globe.

When in Singapore, don’t miss the Kaya Toast. It is a must-try! Kaya is a jam made of eggs and coconut milk. It is fluffy, sweet and can-do wonders to your palette. You can enjoy a good portion of this toast with a cup of coffee at the Ya Kun Kaya Toast at China Street located in Far East Square.

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