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Popular Activities to Do in George Town, Penang

George Town, Penang, is generally considered as the “food capital of Malaysia”, so all of you will be tasting a lot of tasty local cuisine here. However, the second-largest city of Malaysia is not just about eating. Here, you may find yourself dreaming about noodles at unusual times of the day, but you will be surprised to know that most of the popular things to do in George Town do not have anything to do with food.

Penang is an island, but when you visit the place you will not feel that way. If you are looking for white sand and Southeast Asian island vibes, move to Langkawi or the Tioman Island. When in Penang, take benefits of George Town’s UNESCO World Heritage status.  You will come across plenty of choices for learning about the culture, colonial architecture, and much more.

Find out your new favourite food

For culinary pleasure in George Town, you have several options: The enjoyable Gurney Drive, expansive food courts and hawker centres, small eateries, and street-food shops. Some family-run stores might only sell one or two specialities that they have mastered through decades of cooking practice. You will understand some of the familiar favourites from Kuala Lumpur, but George Town has surely developed its own food scene. If you are confused about where to start tasting just like other tourists, visit Gurney Drive, the Red Garden Food Court, and Air Itam. You will enjoy varieties of options and a lot of people watching, but don’t miss to ask locals about their popular hawker-stall where you can enjoy the best local dish.

Watch a Famous Cannon at Fort Cornwallis

Captain Francis Light built Fort Cornwallis on behalf of the British East India Company when they took the control of Penang. Though the fort never noticed any kind of fight, it served as a warning against the troublemakers and pirates who may have disturbed spice trading.

The most elaborate of the bronze cannons focusing on the potential parties is the Seri Rambai. The famous cannon was fought over, moved, sank, recovered and is currently on display at top of the fort. 

Appreciate the Colonial Structures

After you visit Fort Cornwallis, roam around the massive lawn and see the beautiful colonial architecture of the Penang Town Hall and State Assembly Hall.  The remarkable Town Hall building was shown in the film, “Anna and the King”, released in 1999.

The 60-foot-tall Victoria Memorial Clock Tower sits in a junction just towards the south, at the intersection of Lebuh Light and Lebuh Pantai. This unique clock was built by a local millionaire in the year 1897 to honour the 60-year reign of Queen Victoria.

Enjoy a walk along the Armenian Street

Walking along Armenian Street is one of the popular and enjoyable things to do when in George Town. The neighbourhood has plenty of numerous galleries, cafes, souvenir shops, street murals, and much more. Merged, these local businesses increase the charm of the place.

Here, you can enjoy Trishaw rides, and the street has everything to make tourists happy. The unique thing about this place is the prices in the artsy shops are affordable. While in Armenian Street, don’t miss to buy those unique souvenirs and enjoy a drink in one of the eccentric cafes.

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