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Incredible Things to do in Bangkok

what to do in Bangkok

The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is an exciting, and fascinating city to visit. Like many other cities, Bangkok never sleeps. You will always find a hive of activity as people in different professions work round the clock. With over eight million inhabitants living in this amazing city, you will encounter every walk of life. you will find people from all walks of life, from poor to super-rich. However, the city makes everyone feel at home. Let us have a look at some of the top things to do in Bangkok.

List of Top Things to Do in Bangkok

Visit Wat Pho- A Home to The Reclining Buddha

A visit to Wat Pho is a must for anyone traveling to Bangkok. Here, you will see a Reclining Buddha statue which is fifteen meters tall and about forty-six meters long. The feet of the Buddha is more than five meters. The entire statue of Buddha is covered in gold leaf and looks incredible when you go near. Inside this temple, there are around 108 bowls. On the way to the temple, you can buy coins for putting in the bowls. The history behind this statue is that Buddha completed 108 positive actions for becoming perfect. When you are the temple you can also stop for some time to enjoy a traditional Thai massage.

Take a tour around Chatuchak Market

If you want to do shopping in Bangkok, you must visit this market. With more than 8000 shops covering about 27 acres of land, it is one of the largest shopping markets in the world. Once it opens on Saturday and Sunday, this market attracts about 200,000 visitors a single day. Here, you will find everything for sale. Most of them are available at local prices. It is better to use a map before you visit this place so that you don’t get lost in the market.

Thai-massage-in bangkok

Enjoy a Thai massage

Whatever country you come from you certainly would have heard about Thai massage and maybe even have come across a Thai massage parlor. But the Thai massage that you will enjoy in Bangkok is incomparable. The experience of a Thai massage in Bangkok will give you a whole new lease of life while making you feel energized and well balanced. There are massage parlors everywhere so it is worth doing enough research to find a reputable one near your place.

Enjoy a Ride in the Sky Train

There is only one method to roam around Bangkok at any speed while keeping cool. That is to ride in one of the sky trains. With several air-conditioned carriages, there is no better way to roam around. Mostly you are high over the traffic below which gives you a whole view of the city. This train is known to take the most direct route. With every part of Bangkok having a train station, travel cannot be simpler.

Experience the Authentic floating market

Floating markets are not the ones they were earlier in Southeast Asia. Today, most of these markets are tourist attractions. The most popular floating market in Thailand is Damnoen Saduak. It is situated 62 miles outside Bangkok, so it takes half of the day to reach there and come back. Another floating market worth a visit is just 17 km from the city center. Even if you have a short stay in Bangkok, you can visit this market. This floating market has different sections separated by a few canals where you can purchase snack items and fruits.

Swim at Siam Ocean World with the Sharks

A place filled with visual treats and engaging experiences, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is a new place in Bangkok dedicated to aquatic life. This aquarium in Bangkok is considered as the largest in Southeast Asia and houses a huge variety of underwater species in a large volume of 5000,000 liters water.

swimming with sharks

The Bangkok National Museum

When you are in Bangkok, don’t miss to visit the Bangkok National Museum. It is home to the largest collection of Thai art and artifacts. First, this museum was opened by King Rama V to show all the gifts that he received from his dad. There are a lot of interesting things to see in this museum, like precious stones, Chinese weapons, clothing and textiles, and puppets. If you visit the museum on Thursday you can enjoy a tour in English by a guide. This will help you to understand the museum better.

Spend a memorable evening in Nana Plaza

Located just outside the BTS station known as Nana is this place called Nana Plaza. Many think that Nana Plaza is the biggest sex complex in this word. Here, you will find large numbers of gogo bars full of Thai women looking to pleasure you for the evening in return for a charge. Even if you do not have the intention of participating in any of the girls’ activities it is worth spending some time drinking and watching the passers-by.

Take a walk through Lumpini Park

At over 500,000 sq.meters Lumpini park offers the people of Bangkok a much-needed break from the noise of the city. The name of this park originated from Lord Buddha who was born in Nepal. It is not unusual when you walk through this park to see the older Thai generation. These people are seen practicing their Thai Chi or a romantic couple relaxing by the lakeside. A walk through this park is one of the best things to do in Bangkok during the weekend. It is best to visit this place before sunset.

Eat at Chinatown

Every main city has its own Chinatown and Bangkok also has one. You know you have arrived Chinatown when you walk through the ceremonial Chinese gates. Packed full of food courts and restaurants the choices of places to eat here will be endless. You can enjoy all varieties of Chinese and Thai food at good prices. It is said that if you are looking for gold, then this is the best place in Bangkok.

Enjoy a Drink on the Rooftop Bars

There are different places in Bangkok where you can enjoy a drink. If you want to enjoy a beautiful view of Bangkok while drinking, then you must visit the Vertigo and Moon bar. Situated on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree hotel you can see the amazing skyline of Bangkok in all of its glory. As soon as you reach the top you are right outside so it is not the right place to go if you are scared of heights. The rooftop is designed in such a way that you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city without any obstructions.

Participate in a Water Fight During Songkran

Celebrated every year between the 13th and 15th of April Songkran is the Thai New Year festival. Nobody can be spared from getting wet. In the Buddhist religion, it is believed that by showering water your bad luck and sins will be washed away. Today, the sprinkling of water has turned to be a full-on water fight that the whole nation gets involved in. With huge crowds of Bangkok, there cannot be a better place than this to experience this famous festival.

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