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Best Night Markets in Bangkok, Thailand

night markets thailand

Bangkok night markets are on every traveler’s “must-visit places” list. The city has lots of night markets. The smiling happy faces, vibrant atmosphere, varieties of unique things to buy, delicious Thai street food- what is there not to love about these night markets? It is fun walking around in between the stalls gazing at all the unique and strange things they sell. When you find something that you like in Bangkok night markets and want to buy, remember to bargain on the price. Bargaining on the price is always an important part of shopping in Bangkok. In Thailand, negotiation plays a significant role in shopping. Markets are an important part of Thai culture. So, let us see the popular night markets in Bangkok.

Both tourists and locals love night markets. Mainly night markets are trendy and popular in Bangkok, Thailand, possibly because the temperatures are bearable in the evenings. Also, markets in Bangkok are the right place to visit if you are looking for some tasty cheap street food and drinks. There are plenty of exciting things to do in Bangkok but visiting a Bangkok market must be a part of your Bangkok trip even if you are not a shop alcoholic. The Bangkok night markets discussed here are easy to reach using public transport or taxi. If you like shopping the markets and shopping malls, here is a list of popular night markets in Bangkok.

Popular Night Markets in Bangkok

As Bangkok has many night markets and new markets are popping every year, your next questions possibly are: Which is the best night market near me? Which place is popular in Bangkok for shopping? Which night market to go in Bangkok?

Here is a list of the best shopping markets in Bangkok. Unlike floating markets, these markets are not just meant for tourists, but for locals too. You can shop for shoes, clothes, vegetables, fish, fruits, meat, and everything else you require. The best thing about night markets is you can shop at night when the temperature turns pleasant. Generally, the night markets in Bangkok open around 18:00 in the evening and closes around midnight.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak weekend market is the ultimate Bangkok market. It is the mother of all the markets, and you must visit this market when you are in Bangkok. Chatuchak is possibly the largest outdoor market in the world, covering over 1 km. It has more than 15000 stalls that sell just about anything that you can imagine from Thailand! And it has been in Bangkok for several decades.

A major tourist attraction, the Chatuchak Market attracts over 200,000 visitors on a weekend. It is famous among both local Thais, foreigners who live in Bangkok, and tourists. You must come here and have a look even if you do not like shopping. It is great fun, but it can be a sweating and humid experience too. Chatuchak Weekend Market is divided into 27 different sections. Each section has a specific kind of item for sale like plants, art, clothes, etc.

best night markets in Thailand

In this market, you can find unique items like clay handicrafts, wood carvings, and different kinds of local souvenirs from different parts of Thailand, wooden furniture, Buddhist amulets, ceramic wares, handmade decorated flowers, garden plants, trendy fashions, stones, and hill-tribe outfits. When you get tired of shopping and want to eat something tasty, you can do so in the charming restaurants and small cafes. Or you can grab something along the way at one of the several stalls selling tasty street food.

Do not underestimate how big this market is! Do not wear heels. It is better to wear your comfortable sandals or shoes! And, make sure you drink plenty of water, as you can get dehydrated after shopping for long hours under the sun.

Patpong Night Market

Patpong Night Market is perhaps one of the most popular night markets in Bangkok, particularly among those who are new in the city. Squeezed between Surwaong and Silom roads and not much popular for the neighboring noisy nightlife scene as much as its shopping options, Patpong Night Market nonetheless provides the chance to choose plenty of clothes, fashion accessories, and much more.

Just keep in mind that any designer goods you snag here are unlikely to be the real thing, so come by keeping this in mind and expect to bargain as much as you can- this is the main territory of late-night shoppers, and as a result prices are high. At the same time, it is a fun environment and there are too many restaurants and lively clubs and bars in the area where you can spend your night after finishing your shopping.

Chiang Chui Bangkok Plane Night Market

This is another popular night market in Bangkok. It has a nice selection of dining and shopping, combined with urban, modern, and weird art installations. For those staying near to the Old Town and Khao San, this market can be easily reached by taxi. If you are traveling from the downtown areas of Bangkok like Silom or Sukhumvit, it is better to visit in the daytime.

This market has 18 separate buildings made of recycled materials. Apart from the cool and artistic vibe, you can enjoy a huge selection of craft and food beer, and shop for boutique fashion pieces.

The main attraction of the market is the shell of a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar airplane. There are a lot of unique art sculptures that are great for clicking pictures. Families can enjoy the treehouses, slides, and swings scattered across the market.

Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market is an indoor wholesale market, but there are also booths in the streets and alleys around Pratunam. At the Pratunam Market, you will find shoes, clothes, and accessories like handbags, jewelry, and sunglasses available at cheap prices. You can find all the knick-knacks that you never imagined.

It is a great experience to walk around at Pratunam Market and you can do some bargains at low prices. Being a popular tourist area, here you will find both foreigners and locals.

night markets thailand

It is one of the most popular night markets in Bangkok. It is popular for beautiful and extraordinary gifts. You can also buy shoes, clothes, accessories, and jewelry here. In this market, you will find lots of cheap copies and fake products (shoes, handbags, and clothes) of popular international brands. However, quality is not the best.

Chiang Mai Night Market

The main place for shopping in Chiang Mai Night market, indeed everywhere in Thailand, the night market is a cannot miss part of the Chiang Mai experience. This night market is situated at the intersection of Chang Khlan Road and Loi Kroh Road. The entire thing spreads out for two blocks in any direction.  The market is set around sunset, generally, about 18:00 and shopping continues till 22:30 with a few shopkeepers keeping the shop open even late at night.

One of the good ways to check out the entire thing is to start at Tha Phae Road and work your way towards Loi Kroh. When you reach the end of the market, cross and move to the other side. Do not forget to peek down the small alleyways and arcades along the way. If you find something that you love, you must be patient. There are thousands of vendors and too many products for sale.

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