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Where can you find the Best Steaks in Singapore?

People of Singapore are a great fan of beef. The number of restaurants in Singapore offering steaks in the main course proves that the people of Singapore are a great fan of beef. Here you will find high-end restaurants run by celebrity chefs and modern chain eateries too. You can even find a decent sirloin at various hawkers centre Western food shops.

Their menus include beef from across the world including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, North and South America. Here, diners are more than happy to spend money on premium meats like USDA Prime from America and much costly wagyu brands from Japan like Hida, Kagoshima, and Kobe. Here are a few restaurants in Singapore where you can enjoy steaks.

Bietecca Tuscan Steakhouse

Set in a traditional shop-house, “Bistecca” is the Italian word for steak so you can bet that this restaurant knows everything about meat. The most popular dish here is 1.2 kg Bistecca Alla Fiorentina Wagyu T-bone Steak; it is the only one such kind in Singapore. Also, it serves two signature sharing steaks which cost S$188 each, along with other cuts like the Tenderloin available at S$65 and Striploin at S$90. Cooked as per your liking and served with their original recipe, Steak Salt rub. These meaty cuts will satisfy every person who is a die-hard fan of steaks. Bietecca Tuscan Steakhouse’s Wagyu beef is a pasture-raised in Australia and organic grain-fed under high ethical standards. Apart from the beef, they also serve a wide variety of sustainably sourced organic vegetarian and seafood dishes.

Best Steaks in Singapore


Japanese Wagyu costs around S$285 for just 230 g, but you can also opt for the cheaper USDA ribeye from America that costs around S$99 for 395 g. It has a perfect balance of flavour and fat. Eating over 200g of well-marbled Wagyu can make you feel sick. This high-class steak restaurant by the American celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck provides the wide varieties of beef from different places like Australia, Japan, and the United States. It also has a great bar menu. It would be a good idea to carry a few bar snacks that you can enjoy with a pre-dinner cocktail instead of an appetizer.


It is a meat-centric restaurant that also provided a wide range of beef, from Japanese Saga sirloin priced at S$198 for grass-feeding Hereford Tenderloin from Ireland at S$79 for 250 g. Therefore, you should be able to find something to your taste, whether you like your beef combined with melt-in-mouth fat or flavourful and lean. The best thing about the steaks available here is it comes in half portions too, which makes it great for the small eaters.

Best Steaks in Singapore

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

It is an American-style steakhouse named after Wolfgang Zwiener that dries the USDA Prime beef for nearly 28 days to make it more flavourful and softer. It does not include the weight of its steaks, but the Rib Eye Steak and New York Sirloin, which come on the bone, looks heavier than 400 g.

Violen Oon Satay Bar and Grill

If you wish to enjoy a steak with Asian flavours then, the Daging Panggang Sambal Hijau is the best option. This 200-day grain-fed Black Angus beef rib eye is soft and tasty, but what makes it unique is the sambal Hijau, made of green chilli padi that is spread over the meat. It is hot and spicy, still does not overpower the beef.

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