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BBQ Hacks for Making the Best Ever Barbecue

All of us will agree to the point that when flames and meat get involved with each other, it can be fun. If you have a barbecue in your backyard or going tailgating, you will love the hacks we are discussing here to make your food taste better and tastier, clean your grill easily, and chill beer faster.

Hack 1: Clean your grill with an onion

Worried about cleaning a dirty grill? Use an onion to clean it! The sulphur compound present in the onions combined with their rough texture makes them the best green cleaner for barbecue grills, whether you have it in your backyard or in a public park. First, remove large bits from the grates and heat the grill. Then, apply cooking oil to the cut side of a halved onion, spear it with grill fork, and rub on the dirty grates. It will produce a yummy taste.

Hack 2: Make use of sugar to light charcoal

Can’t get the charcoal going, and do not have any lighter fluid? Try making sugar. Once sugar is exposed to a flame, it decomposes fast and releases a fire-friendly chemical that can assist in igniting that charcoal.  You need to just apply a light sugar dusting to the coal before you light them.


Hack 3: Another Lighter Fluid Substitute

When the coals begin to die down on your grill, do not squirt them with lighter fluid, which not only costs too much money but can make your food taste bad. Instead, you need to blow a hairdryer on coal base. The hairdryer plays the role of bellows and your fire will be lit again in no time.

Hack 4: DIY utensil caddy

An old oven mitt acts as a great holder for the barbecue utensils. Utilize its hanging loop to attach it to your grill and it is perfect for the tongs or anything else you require.

Hack 5: Chill Beer Easily

Chilled Beer

The best and the easiest way to chill soda or beer is to fill a cooler with different layers of water, salt, and ice. Then, keep the beers inside. They will get cold in less than 20 minutes. Even if the ice water is warmer than the freezer, it easily absorbs the warmth from the cans or bottle faster and more efficiently compared to the cold air of the freezer.

Hack 6: Flavourful Grilling

To enjoy most out of the grilled flavour that everyone loves, add a few twigs of your favourite herb, like thyme, savoury, and rosemary over the charcoal when you grill. It will produce a mouth-watering flavour in whatever you cook.  

Flavorful Grilling

Hack 7: Skewer Trick

Are you planning to grill kababs this summer?  Make the process of removing meat as easy as possible by spraying skewers with cooking spray before you assemble them. The food will slip off the skewer, no need of any knives! And more significantly, there is no risk of tossing you meat from the meat on the floor.

Hack 8: Super Steak

If you are grilling a steak over a closed barbecue, here is the best trick to impress your friends. Open a beer can and place it over the hottest part of the grill. It will start boiling and at the same time keep the meat moist while adding a unique flavour too.

Try these BBQ hacks and impress your family and friends!

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