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Bali Food Guide for Hoppers, Cafe Goers & Fine Diners

You are about to start your Bali tour but have no idea where to start food-wise.

You are lucky. Here is a food guide that will satisfy the taste buds of foodies, fine diners, and cafe hoppers too!

Want to escape during the long public holiday weekends?

Must-try cafes in Bali

  • Parachute- This laid-back cafe is the best place to relax. It gets its name from the vast vintage parachute that sits over the whole cafe. It is in the mid of rice paddy fields with a tasty menu and a great coffee.
  • Revolver Espresso- This cafe boasts a wide range of breakfasts to suit your taste buds. Its sliders, tea, burgers, and coffee are some of the popular items that every customer who comes here like.  
  • Sea Circus- An old-fashioned place with a wide variety of food, it provides various kinds of healthy options like quinoa to the sinful tacos and burgers. Sea Circus’ great murals make it one of the greatest places of interest in Bali for artistic bloggers.
Indonesian Food

Bali is popular for boasting some interesting Indonesian food and if you are a foodie you would be spoilt for choice. Here are a few of the most highly recommended food places in Bali.

  • Made’s Warung- This is one of the most famous food places in Bali. Apart from the tranquil ambience, it serves amazing mouth-watering international and local cuisine that ranges from Indonesian food to Japanese and Western food. If you are lucky enough, you would even be able to enjoy the traditional Balinese dance performances that take place on a weekly basis.
  • Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka 3- If you want to have the best Babi Guling in Indonesia, this is the right place to be. It is recommended by both the locals and tourists alike. Here, the Babi Guling is served with a large serving of pork skin.
Babi Guling
  • Naughty Nuri’s Warung- This place is popular for their special pork ribs in Bali, sometimes even regarded as the best! You must visit this place if you want to taste some sticky and sweet pork ribs.

Best Places for the fine diners

  • Pomegranate- Since 2012, Pomegranate has been focusing on bringing people closer to nature. They make them sit and enjoy their food in the mid of paddy fields. If you are visiting this place in the evening, don’t forget to carry a handy flashlight with you.
  • Swept away- You will be swept off your feet by hundreds of candles on the display along the riverside as you enjoy the dinner. This attractive scene makes this restaurant one of the best points of interest in Bali.
  • Cosmic Diner- Cosmic diner has much in store for your taste buds. Round off your meal of pasta, burgers, and other food items with waffles and pancakes with tasty toppings. You can even try for triple chocolates.
  • Motel Mexicola- As the name suggests, if you are craving for some Mexican food then, Motel Mexicola is the right place. Tostada, Creviches, and Quesadillas may sound like a mouthful, but you will be craving for a mouthful of these dishes.

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