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Best Places to Enjoy Breakfast in Bangkok

Start your day with our guide to popular breakfast eating places in Bangkok. From a warm American breakfast to a traditional Thai iced tea, there is something that will tickle your imagination.

Whether you are looking for a breakfast dish or delectable pancakes, there are plenty of options for you. Don’t know where you will get authentic Thai breakfast? No worries. We bring to you some of the best breakfast eating places in Bangkok.

Popular Breakfast Eating Places in Bangkok

On Lok Yun

Want to taste the traditional Thai iced tea? This nostalgic coffee shop is the right place to be. This café has been serving its traditional breakfast for over 80 years. To date, there have been no changes.

Nestled around this charming spot’s old, Thai Chinese style chairs, tables, and wooden cabinets, you will find a group of young locals, old aunties and curious travelers who all visit this place for the famous tea, served with varieties of breakfasts ranging from traditional Thai style to American dishes.

Order a Thai iced tea along with a Kaya toast. And for an extravagant Saturday, roam around Bangkok’s first-ever department store called “The Nightingale Olympic.”

Broccoli Revolution

For the best breakfast spot in Bangkok that serves healthy food, visit the Broccoli Revolution. Here, the center of attraction is vegetables. You can enjoy a meat-free menu inspired by several tasty dishes from across the globe. Besides the fact that it is a great place for tasty food, it is great for your soul too. The bare brick walls, bright décor, and sustainable touches, attracts lot of tourists. Try their legendary tea leaves salad and Broccoli and Quinoa Charcoal Burger.

Must-Visit Breakfast Eating Places

Sarnies Bangkok

This is a special Singaporean café which is on the Charoen Krung Road. It is one of the favorite places for tourists who want to enjoy a special and mouth-watering breakfast. This place occupies a huge space on the ground floor. Its stripped-back industrial décor and hearty breakfasts attract huge crowds every day of the week.

This place is famous for its special coffee. Coffee beans sourced from Chile, EI Salvador, Northern Thailand are roasted in-house. With the right balance between comfort and a real, old shophouse vibe that shows the unique nature of its locality, it is not surprising Sarnies Bangkok has become a popular place where you can enjoy the best Thai breakfast.

After roaming around the city for the entire day, you must be tired. Enjoy a refreshing Iced Coconut Long Black made of fresh coconut water.

Joke- Congee & Curry Soup

Every city has a unique place where the early birds join the night owls. In Bangkok, Congee & Curry Soup is that place. It is an under-the-radar local’s favorite spot that serves classic Thai dishes.

Get your morning congee fix alongside a wonderful mix of plates from various regions like Fermented Sausage in the Northeast Thailand and Kao Soi in the North. Squeeze in amongst the tourists and locals huddled up in this small eatery that provides a glimpse of city life with its delicious food.

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