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Best Cafe and Coffee Shops in Bangkok

No doubt, shopping in Bangkok is exceptional but you will be surprised to know that their café culture is also unique. There are plenty of reasons for café-hop in Bangkok, as nothing is as good as a coffee break with a good atmosphere and vibe! When in Bangkok, you must visit the below-mentioned cafe and coffee shops in Bangkok.

Other than the tasty food, the cafes in Bangkok will leave you spellbound with their neat and elegant interior. Every single café here will gasp you in awe at the amount of hard work put into the minutest details just to build the perfect ambiance for its customers.

Lovely nourishment, attractive interiors for the social media post, and remarkable long stretches for discussions, all define the extraordinary bistro scene of Bangkok. With new cafes springing up, Bangkok has become a hub for cafes where people of all generations visit. In cafes, people can enjoy delightful food, enjoy their tea, and above everything, enjoy quality blends. Each café here brings in its unique and delectable cuisine and brings a vibe and aura that keeps the café world vibrant and reviving.

If you want to taste the local food in Bangkok, you must visit the cafes here. If you are facing difficulty in finding the right café to binge, then here is a list of some of the best cafes in Bangkok.

Popular Cafe & Coffee Shops in Bangkok

Greyhound Cafe

This café was started as a fashion line in 1980, but since then it has added food elements to accompany its lifestyle brand. Now it has multiple stores in different locations. It is a café that adorns art and fashion.

The Greyhound café features an extensive array of Thai and international dishes. Most of the recipes are historic, while there is also a combination of dishes from different parts of the world. The café believes that food is also an important art form just like fashion.

Fucheer by Lukkaithong

This cafe, situated in Em Quarter is a good spot to chill. The cafe has beautiful interiors which makes it stand out from others. When you visit this café, do try the Thai Iced Tea Shave Ice. You will definitely love it!

When you feel tired and exhausted after shopping for long hours, then this is the drink what you will need. Other than desserts, this café also serves main courses also.

Old Town Café Bangkok

Situated in the historical heart of Banglamphu, this cafe is close to various major attractions like the Giant Swing and the Grand Palace. The bare brick walls with vintage interiors prove that it is an old shop with a rustic vibe. Here, you can enjoy varieties of hot and cold drinks along with different types of snacks like sweets and sandwiches.

Rocket Coffeebar S.12

The café is popular for artisan coffee. They make coffee from the special beans sourced from far-flung areas like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nicaragua. The food menu is tempting that includes dishes like truffle pasta and Swedish meatballs.

If you are a vegetarian, this café offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes too. This small coffee shop has both outdoor and indoor seating facilities.

I Am Coffee

This café is situated in Silom zone, which is not usually the most crowded places in Bangkok. Still, the place is perfect for an afternoon date or for chilling with friends in the evening. When you visit this café, try their tasty food and don’t forget to order coffee.

For coffee lovers, these beautiful cafes in Bangkok offer a great deal in terms of tasty food and good vibes. So, when you plan your trip to Bangkok, add these places to your list.

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