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Best of Nightlife in Singapore: Attractions you Must Not Miss

I have come across many who say that after a few drinks, they find the world to be happier and livelier. However, when in Singapore, I have felt the same, even before the drinks. Yes, the place is so fascinating and lively. This Asian hub of shopping, culture, and commerce is on the bucket list of every traveler. The best nightlife in Singapore revolves around the City Centre.

You can easily grab a supper tasty meal on Club Street in Chinatown, go to Marina Bay and have a cocktail while enjoying the beautiful view, and then end up dancing at Clarke Quay.

The best part is you can do all these in one evening itself. We guarantee that you will find something in Singapore to suit your mood. Read on to learn about the exciting nightlife in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands with best nightlife attractions

The famous, 3-pronged Marina Bay Sands is an amazing place in Singapore. The unique thing about this is it is visible from miles away. Not only it looks amazing, but this massive structure is a great place to visit after the sun sets- for several reasons.

Highlights of this place include the CE LA VI bar situated on the 57th floor with a 24-hour casino. On the ground floor, there is a shopping mall and a 360-degree observation floor at the top.

Club Street in Chinatown- Known for Best Nightlife in Singapore

Some people consider Singapore’s Chinatown to be a bit solitary as far as nightlife is concerned. Go to Club Street, however, and you will be soon convinced otherwise. The upcoming tag has been fixed on this foodie heaven for years, and it seems to have ultimately emerged as one of the best nightlives and culinary hotspots.

Rows of luxurious fine-diners sit next to the busy bars, all full to the brim with office workers every weeknight- while couples and groups of friends generally save their visit to this place for the weekend.

Gardens by the Way – Enjoy Nightlife under the shimmering sky

It is an expansive stretch of the urban garden which is stretched over 100 acres of land. Situated next to the Marina Reservoir, you can enjoy a magnificent waterfront view from this beautiful garden. The dazzling waterfront along with flamboyantly illuminated tree-like edifices adds up to the unique experience of the city’s nightlife. Walk on the suspended walkaway for a beautiful view and enjoy the sky show of dancing lights and sound.

Orchard Road- Enjoy lively Nightlife in Singapore

Though Orchard Road is popular for its malls rather than its pubs, as soon as the shoppers get ready to go home, the party animals come out for partying. After the sunset, the entire area becomes lively with sophisticated bars and lavish party lounges. Be sure to visit the Emerald Hill Road behind the Orchard Central. Here, the entire stretch is filled with numerous 100-year-old buildings and makes a great stop for the cheeky post-mall cocktail or beer.

Sentosa Beach Bars- Popular for Weekend Parties

Want to party before the sunset? If yes, the best place for you is Sentosa Island. This place has many Ibiza-styles bars. Here, things start by mid-afternoon, and weekend parties will mostly run through to the small hours.

For the liveliest sites, go to Azzura Beach Club or Tanjong Beach Club which organizes beach parties every month.

This was your guide to the best nightlife in Singapore. Do not miss these amazing places if you want to have a blast.

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