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Top Buffet Restaurants in Singapore To Relish Tasty Food

top buffet restaurants

From buffets to fried chicken, Singaporeans are a great fan of buffets. If you are a foodie, you will find this article interesting. Here, we are talking about the popular buffet restaurants in Singapore. Next time, when you visit Singapore, make sure you visit these restaurants to enjoy tasty food.

List of Popular Buffet Restaurants in Singapore

Carousel Buffet Restaurant at Royal Plaza on Scotts- This is one of the popular places to eat in Singapore. The place is known for its exceptional customer service. If you want to enjoy a great dining experience, then you must have dinner at Carousel. You will be warmly welcomed at your arrival and then guided to a table with the right setting. The staff will call you by name and respect your every need. Water is topped up daily and clearing of the plates is done quickly.

This restaurant is one of the popular restaurants for celebrating birthdays. With the wonderful service, The Carousel is a perfect place for you to surprise your beloved one on his/her birthday. The staff will create a circle and sing the “Happy Birthday” song and perform a special dance for the birthday person. This adds a festive and heartwarming atmosphere to a memorable party.

Here, you will enjoy a wide variety of foods. With its wide-spanning menu, Carousel becomes one of the best international buffet restaurants serving a wide selection of food. You can find an amazing cold seafood counter along with Japanese, Chinese, Mediterranean, and Indian food stations with varieties of dishes.

popular buffet restaurants

Edge- Edge has made it onto several “best buffet restaurants” lists and for good reason.  The flashy restaurant has a huge buffet selection than other buffet restaurants. The restaurant is known for briny-seafood on ice and a huge Asian selection that spans Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Peranakan, Indian, and local cuisines. Its carvery and hot stone selections are rotated regularly. From the lot, you must try steamed mussels, seafood, lobster bisque pot pie, and slow-roasted Tuscan pork. Here, the dessert selection is extraordinary as you will find various gluten-free options, chocolate truffle balls soaked in rum, and countless cakes of unique flavors like Hojicha, black velvet, and Chrysanthemum tea. The buffet comes has unlimited servings of non-alcoholic drinks.

Beach Road Kitchen- The noise before the JW Marriott group took over the operations of Beach Road Kitchen, this posh buffet restaurant was already popular for its remarkable grilled food items. After the name and management changed, Beach Road Kitchen has revamped its seafood section; their seafood spread is possibly the most impressive seafood section of all international buffets you would see.

The seafood section in this restaurant boasts high-quality ingredients like Alaskan King Crabs and Boston Lobsters. Along with these items, the seafood section also serves a wide variety of ceviche. The oysters served here are shucked on order, so it is ultra-fresh when served. If you are searching for cooked foods, make a beeline to their grilled part and enjoy the meats there, which are grilled once the order is received so they remain fresh and warm when served. Want to increase the decadence factor? Then you must go to this restaurant.

Here, you will find different buffet plans. If you are going for a quick lunch, choose the antipasti buffet, which provides a wide collection of soups, salads, cold seafood, and antipasti from the seafood section, and cheese and cold cuts from the cheese and charcuterie section.

The breakfast buffet served here costs around $42, the lunch buffet starts from around $28-58, based on which ones you are choosing, and the Seafood Dinner Buffet costs around $78. The weekend buffet here costs from around $108 to $198, depending on whether you choose champagne or not.

Triple Three (Mandarin Orchard)- Triple Three is named after the address of Mandarin Orchard. Setting itself different from other hotel buffets, the buffet menu served here focuses on Japanese cuisine. The spread of dishes is extensive, with an extensive roast section, fresh seafood on ice, and tasty desserts that are going to satisfy your cravings. To make it more special, Triple Three has a Daily theme that features something unique every day; Wagyu Wednesday, Foie Gras Tuesday, and the Weekend Lobster Night should not be missed.

Melt- The World Café at Mandarin Oriental Hotel- This buffet restaurant is known for a wide variety of foods. With various buffet sections displayed delightfully and generously, Melt is the world of both palate and eye feast. At Melt, you can find varieties of foods in the existence of multicultural dishes at its different food counters. Each section is worth a visit to whet your appetite- Indian, cold seafood, Chinese, noodles, Japanese, bread, BBQ, cheese, pasta, and fruits.

Outdoor BBQ section- The BBQ section is a feature that sets Melt apart from other buffet restaurants. Raw foods are displayed in a nice way for you to choose from and your BBQ plate will be brought to your table. At Melt’s BBQ station, you can experience varieties of food items that will be made best by grilling like pork knuckles, seafood, satays, lamb racks, mushrooms, and sausages. You can even get roasted suckling pig here.

best BBQ restaurant

The place is popular for its wide selection of tandoori items. If you like Indian cuisine, you will love Melt due to its great collection of Tandoori-style food items, Tandoori prawn, chicken, mutton, and fish are perfectly baked and served with chutney, dahl, and naan.

Oscar’s at Conrad Centennial hotel- A refined selection of Asian and Western favorites. It is a traditional international buffet generally seen in Singapore but has been refined to show only the most well-loved food items. You will find freshly sucked oysters, prawns, crab legs, lamb, roast beef, pork, and many local favorites.

This place is home to the largest Caesar salad station. After you eat all the tasty seafood and meat, you may want to eat some greens. There is a large station in this restaurant that focuses on Caesar salad. There are all green goodness, mix-ins, cold cuts, and cheese for you to have your salad in the way you want.

Hai Tien Lo- It is one of the popular buffet restaurants in Singapore. The restaurant is famous for the dining area for its Cantonese cuisine, and it hits all the correct notes with its special weekend buffet. Here, the dim sum is excellent- the Har Gau is impeccably juicy and pleated, while the roasted meats are sufficient, mainly the marinated soya chicken, roasted duck, and pork belly. Zi char favorites like Yang Chow Fried Rice and Wok-Fried Pork spareribs are also good. And with mini–Buddha Jumps Over the Wall on the premium list, it is worth the money.

Kinki Restaurant and Bar- This buffet restaurant’s bottomless brunch is a curated list of popular hits, and there are many things to love. The sashimi is liberally cut, and the Nigiri Sushi is more of seafood than rice, just the way it should be. Some of the popular appetizers include century-egg tofu with shishamo tempura, snow crab, and juicy and sweet tomatoes. Mains are restricted to one per person, but they are gratifying, mainly the Wagyu Foie Gras Donburi.

When in Singapore, do visit these restaurants.

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