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List of Popular & Best Manila Nightlife Experiences

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After the sunset, Manila’s nightlife scene starts heating up. Here is our guide to some of the best Manila nightlife. The best nightlife experiences here show the city’s love for fun and music. The capital city of the Philippines is a huge metropolis that hosts sites for just about every kind of night owl. From attractive nightclubs for dancers to live music bars for the concept-goers. There are even pub crawls for those looking to hit up some of the city’s popular standing bars and pubs, where they can enjoy varieties of drinks and catch the recent sports events all night. Check our list of most popular nightspots in Manila where you can enjoy Manila nightlife to the fullest.

With its several entertainment nightclubs and districts, there is hardly an evening in Manila without a bit of after-hours fun. The cheap drinks of Manila, lively clubbing scene, and friendly people make the city an interesting destination to explore once the sunsets. Whether you are looking for a classy poolside setting for people-watching or a hip subterranean sweatbox for dancing the night out, here is our list of top things to do for enjoying the nightlife here.

Where to Visit for Enjoying Manila Nightlife

The Popular Bars in Manila

The Filling Station- The décor of this bar is inspired by the interiors as well as the surrounding of the 1950s and 1960’s American diners. This place has everything starting from gas station memorabilia, posters of old films, servers in vintage diner uniforms, to jukeboxes that play old songs. The menu offers both Filipino and American food and is a bit costlier compared to other venues, but the savings are huge. You can treat yourself to a cocktail or explore the list of international and local beers. Expect a social and lively place, which is great if you want to feel the retro vibes.

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Pura Vida- If you have visited Costa Rica, you will be familiar with the phrase, “Pura Vida”, which means “simple life”, or “pure life.” Pura Vida is a bar that rightly lives up to its name, with a relaxed atmosphere, tasty food, and best service. The walls of this bar are adorned with posters of Bob Marley and reggae music plays all night long, filling the bar with great vibes. Apart from an air-conditioned room, this bar also has an alfresco setup, which is great for socializing. The vast menu of authentic Costa Rican dishes is filled with well-prepared, must-try choices. The quality of the ingredients available here is top-notch, the portions served here are generous, and the costs are accessible for all budget travelers. If you are craving Central American cuisine and want to enjoy a refreshing beer with friends, then this is the right place to be. This bar is located on the 2nd floor of the building which is just beside the Z hostel.

Want to enjoy Bonifacio nightlife? Visit “The Palace”- The Palace, situated in Bonifacio, brings together several bars, clubs, and restaurants into a solo nightlife destination. Here, you will find the newest super club of Manila, i.e., Xylo (earlier known as Valkyrie), which provides a multi-sensory experience as top DJs pump out beats against a background of kaleidoscopic neon lights on the hyperkinetic and ceiling visuals flashing on the huge LED screens.

Another popular nightspot at “The Palace” is Revel, a glamorous nightclub and lounge catering to the more well-heeled and mature crowd. Revel brings luxury clubbing to an entirely new level with its extraordinary VIP service, top-selves booze, and some of the most high-profile DJs in the industry. If you want to be seen and see, Revel is the right place to visit.

Live Music Bars- Filipino musicians are popular all around the main and famous tourist places of Southeast Asia and beyond. It seems like the talent for playing or singing a musical instrument is present in the blood of every person in this country. There are a lot of live music bars in Manila, and you must easily find a bar that is dedicated to your favorite music.

Club ZZYZX Manila- This is one of the popular places for those who want to enjoy Manila nightlife to the fullest. Club ZZYZX Manila occupies a huge space with a mezzanine floor facing the dance floor. It is one of the best places in Malate to drink and dance the whole night. This nightclub serves food for you to enjoy in the most comfortable lounging areas on the 2nd floor. This place is located on Remedios Circle in Malate, which is a district famous for its attractive nightlife scene.

Valkyrie- This is one of the best night clubs in Manila. It is mainly popular among the Hi-So Filipinos of the capital. It is of the best quality. Situated in the heart of the hip and modern Makati district, it is the biggest and most popular disco in town with an area of over 2,000 people on two floors. The ground floor of this night club has several small and round tables that are placed in front of the DJ stage. In the backside, there are exclusive VIP tables with comfy white couches. The 2nd floor oversees the ground floor and has a greater number of VIP tables. If you are a normal person who wants to check out Valkyrie and its girls then, you should go right to the front where others are standing around small tables.

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Chaos Club- Quite off the tourist radar and situated in the City of Dreams complex in Paranaque district, Chaos is the right mix of the modern club but still low-key and not as Hi-So as Valkyrie and Revel. If you go there as a foreigner you will have a lot of eyes on you, but you better take at least one friend with you unless you are not shy to talk to somebody right away. Chaos is at present open from Wednesday to Sunday, and they keep changing their hours, so it is better to look at their Facebook page if you are planning to visit the place. You can even find their upcoming events there.

Revel at The Palace- Revel at The Palace is a lavish nightclub that attracts stylish ex-pats, locals, and tourists looking to enjoy a fun-filled night out. You will find attractive décor and furnishing, intimate and upscale ambiance, and a wide variety of dance music. International DJs generally stop by Revel at The Palace on weekends, so it is better to visit this place for getting the best spots. The entrance fee lets you 2 drinks and offers you access to Palace Pool.

The Palace Nightlife, Manila-   This is another important spot for enjoying Makati nightlife. The Palace at present has 2 nightclubs: Revel and Valkyrie Nightclub. Valkyrie is one of the biggest nightclubs in Manila and can accommodate nearly 2,000 people easily while Revel is a high-end nightclub and a lounge. It is home to the country’s first trendy combo of day club and pool club popularly known as The Island.

As far as the service is concerned, it is great, and the music varies depending on which DJ plays on a specific night. One thing which is worth noting about this place is that you cannot bring drinks while going from one bar to another. You must finish your bottle before you are given access to visit other parts of the complex. Also, until and unless you can get your group on the guest list, you all will need to pay a cover charge.

Besides the clubs, it houses a restaurant and microbrewery, The Brewery, as well as Café Naya which provides a coastal theme and extraordinary seafood menu.

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