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Top Makati Nightlife Places for Memorable Nightlife Experiences

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Most of the Friday nights are spent drinking out with your colleagues or friends, and if not that, spending some quality time watching your favorite TV series at home. If you want to spice up your Friday nights with other interesting activities, the buzzing Makati nightlife may be something you would want to experience at least once in your lifetime. From supporting your favorite teams to clubbing with the hottest DJs, there are several things that you can do in Makati after the long office hours.

Makati is a place with rich culture and art form. One can get an idea about the 17th century by visiting some of the old monuments there. This place has got everything. Art galleries, museums, beaches, restaurants, cafes, parks, etc. Being the financial hub, Makati has some of the best shopping malls in the country. So, it is a place worth visiting. But a city tour is incomplete without experiencing its beautiful nightlife! Day trips are perfect for exploring the different art and cultural heritage of the city. Makati nightlife is another significant aspect of the city that should not be ignored.

Enjoying the Makati Nightlife

Makati is one of the popular party places in Metro Manila. When the lights are switched off in the offices and other establishments, the City of Makati converts from its daytime business setting to a nearly unreal realm of moonlights, nocturnal cuisine, genre music, and privileged intoxication. It looks like the city is shedding off its business suit and showing the laid-back but attractive outfit hidden within. The Makati nightlife is the people’s method of unraveling from their high-pressure jobs, a time for them to chat, laugh, drink, eat, sing, and dance with their friends or spend some time with their loved ones.

enjoying nightlife in makati

Some of the most frequented nightspots in Makati City are the strip of restaurants and bars in the popular Jupiter Street in the Bel-Air Village. Yuppies, the young professionals who love to hang out after completing their work, mainly to celebrate the end of another work week- are specifically fond of drinking their Makati nightlife away at pubs and bars. Mixed cocktails and beers show that this city has a vibrant and energetic cosmopolitan lifestyle hub, Ayala Center. But The Happy Hour is not just limited to Makati bars in Jupiter Street. It is in the stretch of Legazpi Village within the Ayala Center and other villages where people look forward to spreading the happiness of Manila’s nightlife and way of living.

Drink your favorite drink at Mulligan’s.

Situated along Kalayaan Avenue, Mulligan’s is a classic hangout among people who love sports. This place is known for its Irish gastropub feel, upbeat vibe, and huge food servings. You can enjoy live sports while munching on your favorite Irish American chow, hang out with your favorite sports fans, and drinking your favorite beer. Here, the rates for drinks start at 95 PHP ad entrees begin at 1,200 PHP for two people.

Visit the Penthouse 8747

If you want to enjoy Makati nightlife, then make sure you visit The Penthouse 8747. This is a high-end classic restaurant that is the right place for fine dining. It is one of the best places to escape the loud music and heavy crowd and just enjoy the serene atmosphere that binds this lovely place. The interiors of this place are beautiful. His place is on the 22nd floor. Therefore, you can enjoy a splendid view of the city at night from a height. If you want to enjoy the view while having some drinks and delicacies, then you can go to the rooftop lounge. There you can relax and enjoy the attractive view from the top.

Enjoying dinner at The Penthouse 8747 is one of the memorable experiences. Maybe you are not in the mood to be surrounded by large crowds and loud music and you are looking for some low-key options. If that is the case, you should check out this place. This restaurant is decorated with interiors like the Great Gatsby and surrounded by an attractive view of Manila from the 22nd floor where it inhabits. As far as the vibe is concerned, it is casual, so there is no need to spend time dressing up so much to enjoy a dinner in luxury.

Black Market

This is one of the unique places to party. Here, the music is different. It is not the usual pop music but is going to make you dance on its beat. This place is open till late at night. Here, the experience is altogether a different one. Here, the ambiance is surreal and extraordinary. Also, here the timings for serving drinks are between 12 am to 3 am. But make sure you reach the place by midnight.

Long Bar in Raffles Makati

A version of the real Long Bar in Raffles Singapore, the Long Bar in Raffles Makati is the right place be for an old-fashioned night out. This bar serves mixed drinks along with classics, like Vodka, Singapore Sling, Manhattan’s, and Gin Martinis. It also offers dried peanuts in the shell. On weekends, a live band plays the 70’s and 80’s light rock music. Make sure you reach there before 7 p.m. so that you can enjoy the whole show.

The Long Bar provides unlimited drinks during The Happy Hour which starts from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Enjoy hard spirits and tasty cocktails with the “Chef’s Sampler.” The hot and crispy Chicharron is a must-try item here! You must taste their amazing collection of beer.

Belle and Dragon

This place serves cuisines from different parts of the world. It serves cuisines like Japanese, Indian, Chinese, and Europe. Along with that, the place also offers fusion food which is worth the money. This place offers everything from lunch, coffee, drinks, and dinner. Ensure you visit early for a renowned Makati nightlife experience.

Alamat Filipino Pub and Deli

The vibe here is amazing. Once can try experimental food and do not regret that later. Also, at this pub, you can taste a variety of local craft beer along with some nice background music. Make sure you stop by early so that you can avoid the evening crowd. Also, be careful of your belongings as you are solely responsible for your belongings.

Club Royal

Situated along Gen. Luna Street, Club Royal is exactly what the name sounds like- an upscale, luxurious club where you can feel like royalty while you enjoy clubbing to the hottest music beats. Its attractive interiors and electrifying lights make the place more attractive. Not to mention- ladies are lucky on Wednesday as the place launches Wednesday Ladies’ night. If you want to party the whole night in luxury and high-class style, Club Royal is the right place to go.

Discover Asian cuisine at The Buddha Bar

Buddha-bar is difficult to ignore, with its attractive exteriors, tasty food, ambiance, and the all-around experience that you get from drinking and dining here. If you want to enjoy Asian cuisine, paying a visit to Buddha Bar will be worth it as they serve some of the most delectable Chinese, Asian, and Japanese dishes in the metro. The place is decorated with beautiful interiors, several balconies, and a terrace outdoor with a pool. Here, the vibe is semi-formal and entrees for two people start at 50 USD.

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