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10 Best Things to do in Bangkok

best places in Bangkok

The capital of Thailand and maybe also known as the traffic-jam capital of the planet, Bangkok is interesting, beautiful, and an incredible city everyone must visit. Like other capital cities, Bangkok never sleeps. People are always busy in different activities and work around the clock in different professions. Just imagine you have 1 day in Bangkok and need a list of things to do in Bangkok- what are the places you should not miss? This list of the top 10 things to do in Bangkok offers some great starting points. You can choose a few among them or try all of them if you feel like, and you will come to know what Bangkok is about. Here, is a mix of leisure and cultural activities that you will enjoy during your stay in Bangkok.

As any veteran traveler would tell you, Bangkok is “an all-out attack of senses.” The lively city is a mix of weird and beautiful sights, smells, and sounds. We find it interesting and we are sure you too will. Have a look at the top places in Bangkok just waiting to be found. So, what are the top 10 things to do in Bangkok? Where should you stay? Let us find out.

Top 10 Things to do in Bangkok

Visit the Grand Palace- The Grand Palace or Royal Palace is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bangkok. Visiting the Grand Palace is one of the top 10 things to do in Bangkok. It is situated on the edge of the Chao Phraya River and is surrounded by 1.9 kilometers long wall. Constructed in 1782, the year when Bangkok became officially the capital of the country after the fall of the Thonburi and Ayutthaya kingdom, this complex includes over 100 buildings, pavilions, and palaces.

When you visit The Grand Palace in Bangkok, you should not miss the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, i.e., a Royal Chapel. In this chapel, you can admire a jade Buddha statue found in 1434 in Chaing Rai. This statue is admired by all Thai people.  Another building which you must visit is Chakri Mahat Prasat palace, constructed by King Rama V to be his home. You can visit the palace anytime. For entering the palace, you must pay an entrance fee of 500 Bahts.

Experience a Journey in a three-wheeled vehicle, Tuk-Tuk- Discussing top things to do in Bangkok and not talking about the iconic Tuk-Tuk ride is just not possible! It is a motorized vehicle with three wheels used in the form of a cab in Bangkok since the II World War. It is an exciting way of navigating through the cramped lanes of Bangkok city. But be careful! Mafia Tuk-Tuk gangs are spread across the place.

enjoy sky train travel Bangkok

Experience the Floating Markets in Bangkok- Hundreds of boats floating on the water, laden with foods and other products, forming a shopping experience for outsiders- the floating markets in Bangkok are the most admired element in its cultural tradition.  A trip to these markets is a must if you want to experience the local culture from a near distance.  Besides, a tour of these markets also gives sufficient opportunities to capture the original way of life of the local people on the camera. Though these markets generally tend to be jam-packed with tourists and locals enjoying the vibes, the experience is worth taking, nevertheless.

Enjoy a ride in the Sky Train- There is just one way to get around Bangkok at any speed while keeping cool and that is to jump on one of the sky trains. With air-conditioned carriages, nothing can be a better option to move around. In most situations, you are above the traffic giving a view of the beautiful city but also the train takes the most common direct route.

Go for a boat trip along with the Chao Phraya River- This is another one on the list of top 10 things to do in Bangkok. Some people refer to Bangkok as the “Venice of the East.” This is due to the Chai Phraya River that flows through Bangkok and due to the small canals. The river is considered the lifeblood of Bangkok, even today 50,000 people still go to their workplace in one of the several ferries that travel up and down. Enjoying a boat trip is interesting as you will see high-rise condominiums and fancy hotels in one part while you will see wooden shacks and kids playing in the water. Feel free to get on and off at any stop the ferries make to explore the beautiful city.

Visit Wat Arun- Locally known as Wat Chaeng, Wat Arun is a landmark temple on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. This is one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok, not just because of its riverside location but because the design is quite different compared to other temples in the Thai capital. Wat Arun is half made of colorfully decorated stands and spires magnificently over the water.

This place is almost opposite Wat Pho, so it is quite easy to reach there. From Saphan Taksin, you can take a riverboat that stops at Pier 8. From there, a small shuttle boat will take you from one side of the river to another.

Visit Lumpini Park- It is one of the best things to do in Bangkok. This is the largest public park and one of the few locations around the city center where you can enjoy some greenery and open spaces, away from the traffic, crowded streets, fumes, and noise. Like Central Park, there is an assortment of things to see and enjoy here, and after a couple of days of experiencing Bangkok, Lumpini Park is the right option.

The park was established in 1920 on royal land and back that time it was on the outskirts of the city. Currently, it has been gulped by the city and is located right in the heart of the popular business district, making this a popular Bangkok attraction to visit.

bangkok elephant show

Take a Tiger Selfie at The Tiger temple- Have you ever tried taking a selfie with a big cat? Well, it is possible in Thailand. The Tiger Temple, located in Kanchanaburi, is a famous tourist attraction where monks raise tigers. You can observe the tigers doing their regular exercises and cubs being fed without any enclosed bars in between. If this does not sound interesting to you, then you must go ahead and enjoy a walk with the wild tigers. This is one of the interesting things to do in Bangkok.

Enjoy the Elephant Show- Elephant shows are an interesting feature in most of the parts of Thailand like Bangkok, Pattaya, Ayutthaya, etc. With these shows, you can give the chance to see the gigantic creature shooting hoops, kicking soccer balls, dancing, and hula hooping. You will be excited to see the action-packed elephant show that is displayed dramatically.

Go for a boat trip at Koh Kret Island- Koh Kret is an artificially constructed island built nearly 300 years ago. It serves the role of an escape for a great day trip from Bangkok. It is better to visit the island on a weekend. A lot is going on in its popular weekend market that rings a bell for enjoyable weekend shopping- one of the top 10 things to do in Bangkok.

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