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Drinks that you should never order in a bar

It is seen that people put extra effort while ordering drinks at a bar. Whether it is because they want to present a certain image in front of their friends, cultivate a specific charisma, or simply get the most booze. There are many other pitfalls to look out for, though. Some of the drinks are diet busters, others make it easier for dishonest bartenders to take financial benefits. Some dive bar options can even be risky.

If you want a fun night out, but do not want to spend too much then, here are a few drinks that you must not order.


Most of the bars provide cheap red wine and it is the perfect choice for individuals on a budget. But wait, saving money can give rise to a terrible hangover along with a headache. Sulphite is added to wine so that it remains fresh for a long period of time. However, it hampers its efficiency and can affect your body. Pay a bit more for good wine and take home along with your sober integrity.


The margarita that you get at the bar possibly contains enough sugar to satisfy your regular allotment. A typical margarita begins with tequila, triple sec, and a juice of lemon, with a sugar or salt rim around the glass. Most of the margarita versions made at the bar are made with a premade sour mix that is fully loaded with calories and sugar. A typical margarita contains around 400 calories, so it is something you must be aware of if you are planning to drink more than one in a night. If you want to make this drink healthier you need to skip the sour mix and ask the bartender to add fresh lime juice. This will reduce sugar content considerably.


Draft Beer

The draft line needs cleaning every 2 to 6 weeks by an expert. Also, tap nozzles should be soaked in a sanitizer overnight otherwise they can become home for the bacteria. If the cleaning is not done regularly, it can destroy the taste of beer making it taste odourless and funky. In order to avoid this, you should order only bottled beer, which is much cleaner and lives up to its reputation.

Frozen Drinks

Bartenders prohibit frozen drinks for hygiene issues. Why? The machines are not cleaned as frequently as you would want for a tasty drink. Owing to the frequent mixing of alcohol and spirits in the same vessel, the taste of your preferred cocktail wears off and your punch might end up tasking like a bourbon slushy on the arrival.

Long Island Ice Tea

Long Island iced tea

A long island iced tea may appear refreshing and innocent, but this cocktail is one you must clear of. A typical long island iced tea has 780 calories because the mix of many alcohols with soda gives rise to a drink that is full of calories and sugar.  This drink provides just about every house liquor the bar must provide- you are getting vodka, gin, light rum and cola over it. With so much alcohol in your system, it is difficult to have more than one drink.

Next time you go to a bar, make sure you do not order these drinks.

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