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Top Places to Eat in Singapore

Singapore is the culinary junction of Southeast Asia, where Chinese noodle dishes and Kerala curries meet Malayan sambal hot sauces. Dining here is a way towards life. Here, the local greeting is “have you eaten yet?”- so ensure that you choose the best places to eat in Singapore with the help of this guide. Here is a list of places to enjoy Singaporean food.

Places to Enjoy Singaporean food

Laksa, the sizzling coconut soup of prawns, thick rice noodles, and beansprouts is a Singapore comfort food, discovered by Peranakans (Straits-Chinese) and nowadays pretty much appreciated by people across the city-state. Debate rages around where to get the best version-everyone has their favorite- but for an authentic introduction to this delicious dish, move to East Coast Road in the Peranakan grip of Katong, where the creamy broth which is served at 328 Katong Laksa comes overloaded with cockles and a fishcake grilled inside banana leaves. The cut noodles are shorter compared to other Laska joints.

places to enjoy Singaporean food

For tasty hawker foods

Hawker centers, the ones with large open-air complexes, typically seen in the busy urban areas house countless stalls selling affordable cooked food- and Singapore move together like London and pubs. Without overstatement, they are a few of the best places to eat in Singapore and the rising fear that they may soon get extinct has got people of Singapore in pain.

Move forward the “hawkerpreneurs”, a new generation of young hawker center chefs who are dedicated to a single dish but are determined on providing a modern twist to their culinary dishes. To get a taste of this rising trend, move to Prawnaholic, in new Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre, where the 24-year-old chef serves Prawn Noodles, his specialty. The noodles are accompanied by huge chunks of charred pork belly.

For cheap eats with a grade

Michelin stars are hardly synonymous with budget dining, mainly in a place like Singapore, but Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle by Chinatown surely bucks the trend. This modest, but radiantly titled hawker stall sells the cheapest Michelin-starred meal including crispy-skinned slices of tender chicken dipped in soya sauce. This signature dish just costs a few Singapore dollars, but maintained by the additional custom that comes with winning such awards, they now have opened various other branches in the town.

For enjoying the modern Singapore food

Fine dining in Singapore is noticing a similar shake-up, as the chefs at some of the nation’s best restaurants continue to push the boundaries of Modern Singaporean cuisine. Combining traditional recipes with Western flavors, the idea was pioneered by Willin Low, who is now developing such concoctions as the fettuccine along with Thai red curry confit duck and Laksa pesto with pasta at his Wild Rocket restaurant located in Mount Emily.

best Singaporean food

You must be fast to catch these, though, as Low is closing the Wild Rocket at the end of October to focus on spreading Mod-Sin outside Singapore. Or else, try Labyrinth, in Esplanade Mall, where the new menu by chef LG Han is combined with Mod-Sin cuisine with a revolutionary emphasis on the local production; expect fresh takes on the street food favorites like fish maw soup.

List of Best Places to Enjoy Singaporean Food

Allium- This is one of the popular places to enjoy Singaporean food. This is a quaint eco-conscious eatery concealed within the quiet Kensington Square that impresses with its simple approach. This small diner is a low-key that you might simply walk past without taking another glance. But that will mean missing out on the flavor-packed menu cooked u by the husband-wife duo who runs the eatery. The unique thing about this place is that its menu keeps on changing as per the season, highlights the best sea, land, and has many things to offer.

An important thing to remember is Allium works on a reservation basis, so it is always better to plan to avoid any kind of disappointment.

The Coconut Club-  Ann Siang Hill is a street in Chinatown that is lined with reestablished shophouses and packed with restaurants and bars, but the Coconut Club is exceptional. They focus on one thing: a platter of fluffy coconut rice with a fried egg, nasi lemak, fried chicken, and an accumulating portion of anchovies and fried peanuts. This dish can be found in nearly every hawker center, but as Coconut Club uses a special kind of rice and a special strain of coconuts that they milk in-house, theirs is the best of all. The restaurant feels a bit old-times but in a cool manner, like grandfather at a craps table, and has only walk-ins available, so you should avoid going there with too many guests or better to divide your group into small teams.

Rhubarb Le Restaurant- Between being inside of a shophouse in front of an open-air car park and having a small, quiet dining room, this French restaurant seems like it is attempting to hide. But, it is not working: there is always a wait for the great food at this Duxton Hill spot with just seven tables. Come for an inexpensive lunch which consists of dishes like poached monkfish and seared beef onglet and to enjoy the unusual calm in the city.

Burger Labo- There is possibly no more carefully curated burger in Singapore than the BB.11. This is the 11th burger from Burger Labo, Singapore. Its centerpiece is an all-beef patty made with a trio of small beef cuts: Black Angus beef neck, Toriyama Wagyu A4 tenderloin, and Aomori ribeye. Stuffed between buns smeared with bone marrow and the classic trio of lettuce, American cheese, and tomato, this burger is not cheap but is worth the spend.

Rang Mahal- Just like the décor, the food at Rang Mahal blends Western ingredients with Indian spices and cooking methods to yield stylish, complex creations like smoky tandoori mushrooms with a dash of cheddar and chat masala. The food served here is light yet flavorful- you will be satisfied without stuffing your stomach. The lunch buffet that costs $58 is a great way to check out a wide band of the menu without spending too much.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck- As the name indicates, the Peking duck-sliced tableside is the star of the show in this restaurant, and it is widely regarded as one of the best in the town. Its attractively lacquered, paper-thin skin is served with a saucer of sugar as a dip. Juicy slices of duck breast are the next popular item to try here. The rest of the things go back to the kitchen to be made in one of the various ways: fried with vegetables or noodles or made into a broth. Make sure you book your place in advance.

Mott 32- This is a sexy chain of restaurants known for its progressive Chinese cuisine. Dining at Mott 32 is a sensual and luxurious affair. It begins when you step into the richly decorated space-with mod furniture, peacock chairs, and drawers to give the dimly lit area a sexy look. Here, food is also dramatic, with Chinese staples made of premium ingredients, including its applewood roasted duck marinated for more than 48 hours.

If you are in Singapore, make sure you visit these places to enjoy Singaporean food. Do you know any other place where you can enjoy authentic Singaporean cuisine? If yes, please let us know about it in the comment section below.

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